2S2 is a regular meet-up where expats, and anyone, can get together, build and strengthen connections, learn about Korea and integrate in Korean society. We hope that 2S2 will help expats in Korea participate more meaningfully in the country we share with Korean natives, and that we can have a better experience of Korea by doing so.

Monday, May 24, 2010

2S2 May: Gwangjang Market

Thanks to Amy and Chris, 2S2 May, in Anguk, was a success.  Here are some photos Amy sent me, by way of a fella named Richard.  Thanks for the photos!

Jongmyo Park: all the old guys playing games.

Gwangjang Market, a 25 minute walk from Myeongdong, one of the top brand-name shopping districts in Seoul, still evokes old - really old Korea.

Traditional dolls.
And... the amazing Kwangjang Market food...

Chapchae with a side of sundae:

Bindaeddeok - Korean savory pancakes.
This is the market as seen from outside

Gwangjang Market also has long, hollow, haunted-looking halls, lit this way, selling tons of fabrics.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

2S2 Anguk: Gwangjang Market and the World DJ Festival

Remember: 2S2 Suwon is also a go!  No word yet from Yongin and Wonju.

So Amy and Chris, minor deities in their own rights, have offered to help me out by running the upcoming 2S2 by Tag-Team, so that I can go tuxedo shopping on Saturday with my fiance, and still get married in July.  Thanks, you two.

The plan remains as stated:  Meet at 2PM on the second floor of the Twosome Place coffee shop by Anguk Station (Anguk Station exit 1, turn right).

Look for either this handsome guy (stolen without permission from Chris's Blogger Profile), who answers to the name "Chris" or "Thou Austere Keeper of the Sword That Wails, And Curator of Awkward Silences"

Or this curly-haired young lady, who radiates "awesome" (picture stolen without permission from her facebook photo album... I didn't have time to check if the picture was a good one; it's late and I wrote this in a sleepy rush.  Sorry if it's not you at your best, Amy.)

She answers to the name Amy.  I think the picture might be old; she may have changed since it was taken.

Once the crew has gathered, there are two ways to get to Gwangjang Market.  Either by following this path:

View 2S2 Saturday May 8 2010 in a larger map
(If the weather's awesome and everybody is healthy and mobile)

Or by subway, Anguk Station, transfer at Jongno 3-ga station, get off at Jongno 5-ga station, exit 8, and head for the center of the market, where all the best food awaits.

From there, on the other side of the market is the Chunggyecheon Stream, which is a nice walk, and if some of you want to go to the Seoul World DJ festival, you'll have to work that out.  The facebook page is here.  The google map is here.

If you really want to go to the DJ Festival (which is awesome, by the way, but'll cost ya), here's the map to catch the bus from World Cup Stadium Station;

View Seoul DJ Festival in a larger map

Wish I could be there, readers.  I'll post pictures of me in my tuxedo when I can.  Don't you know I look dazzling in a suit.

If I have the energy (clothing shopping tires me), and Girlfriendoseyo has the patience, and the store has one in stock, I'll be sure to get at least one picture of me in a ridiculous tuxedo for you.  If all those things occur.  Have a good time eating food and walking around a market I wish I could join you for, readers.


2S2 Suwon: Archery!

See the facebook event here.

Here's the schedule for the Suwon 2S2 meeting:

12:00 pm: meet at Suwon station (수원역) (2d floor, bottom of escalator, near Lotteria - like last time)

12:15 pm: take a bus to Bukmun ( North Gate - 북문) / Janganmun (장안문).

12:30 pm (or soon after): sign up for, pay, and do traditional Korean archery.

2:00-3:00 pm (when finished archery): walk the fortress wall. This will take us up the hill, past the statue of king Jeongjo (정조) [the very one in the event photo to the right of this text], past the big bell (well, another big bell) that you can ring for luck (and a few thousand won), and finally through an old-fashioned Korean market.

6:00 pm: Dinner at Ban-ga (반가) IF there are not too many people. If more people come, we'll eat at a bigger place just down the road - can't miss it: 3(?) storeys high, big windows, lots of space, on the main road to Suwon station, near the first set of traffic lights on the way to Paldalmun (팔달문) / Nammun (남문 - south gate) from Suwon station.

7:00-8:00 pm: optional drinks, socialising, etc. at a place to be determined on the night.