2S2 is a regular meet-up where expats, and anyone, can get together, build and strengthen connections, learn about Korea and integrate in Korean society. We hope that 2S2 will help expats in Korea participate more meaningfully in the country we share with Korean natives, and that we can have a better experience of Korea by doing so.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2S2 March, with The Ajosshi Himself

Hello All,

My name is Paul and you might recognize me (though probably not) from my blog Paul Ajosshi or from the dear not quite departed Hub of Sparkle. Roboseyo asked me to put together a little something for this Saturday, so here's the plan for this weekend's 2S2 meet:

You can check out the Facebook Event Page here... and here's the schedule:

2.00 Meet at twosome place, have a coffee, meet and greet etc...

2.30ish Head on over to the Kukje Gallery (near Seoul Selection about 10 minutes walk or so) to check out the new Louise Bourgeoise exhibition.


3.00ish Head down to Gwanghwamun station and hop on a train to Daehangno (or take taxis depending on how people prefer to travel).

3.45ish Stop for a coffee at the Phototelling Gallery/cafe near Hyehwa station. They got a small exhibition of photos of famous Korean actors at the moment...


4.15ish Head to either the Robot Museum or the Lock Museum both just a short walk from the cafe (we'll decide on the day)...



Then 5.30ish time for an early dinner/late afternoon snack. Two of my favourite restaurants are in Daehangno: Dwenjang Yesul where you get a bowl of thick Dwenjang chigae to mix with rice and greens. Best dwenjang in Seoul and they have delicious pancakes... Just near to there is a Chinese lamb barbeque restaurant, where you can gorge yourself on reasonably priced lamb kebabs/chops and they also have sublime soondae. We'll choose which restaurant as the hunger pangs set in.

Then after dinner off to the theatre for those who fancy it...

7.00 Sadari Movement Laboratory are putting on their version of Chekov's The Cherry Orchard with English subtitles at the Arko Theatre in Daehangno. This award winning physical theatre company always produces interesting visual work and have toured all over the world including an award winning stint at the Edinburgh festival a few years ago.


For those wishing to reserve tickets in advance you can get a lovely discount courtesy of Korea4expats:


Or you can get yours on the door for a mere 25,000 won.

I hope to see you at 2.00 on Saturday...

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