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Friday, January 29, 2010

Haiti Benefits in Seoul

Here's a way to help the Haiti disaster victims, here in Seoul.

Seoul2Haiti is an event organized by expat musicians to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake. 15,000 Won gets you 5 great bands and a free drink, with 100% of your entrance fee going directly to Haiti relief. This event will be broadcast on Toronto Indie Music radio station, www.indielove.ca.

It starts at 9 on February the 5th.

Facebook page here

text stolen from the facebook page; you can also read the comments at Dave's.

Once all the donations are in, a cheque will be presented to the Canadian Ambassador in Seoul during a formal ceremony at the embassy.

Also, on Thursday the 4th, Tomatillo is donating an amazing ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all profits to Haiti Relief. Seoul Eats has more information, and they're planning a Seoul Eats Meetup there, on that day. Come hungry, and give extra.

On February 14th, Hope For Haiti is happening in Itaewon. You can read about that one on its facebook page, too.

If you know of other events that I should be promoting, send me an e-mail at roboseyo at gmail dot com, and I'll put them up here, too.

Here is the band line-up for the Rocky Mountain Tavern Fund-raiser.

The line-up is: LASSE LINDH, WE NEED SURGERY, SOLITAIRE LOVE AFFAIR, and ROAD POP, along with Special Guests.

LASSE LINDH is a a self-professed songwriteaholic, major indie star in Sweden for many years, and has also released 3 albums in the US and other countries. But something happened in 2006: his song "C'mon Through" became a massive hit here in Korea when it was made the theme song for OST drama series "Soulmate".

Since then, he's been doing 1 show here every year and released 3 albums - the latest one in April of 2009. Last month he moved to Seoul to make an even bigger impact and work on his forthcoming album. He left his band home in the cold, though...

WE NEED SURGERY is an expat band formed in Seoul, Korea in 2007 with members from Canada and the United States. They have been playing regularly since, gaining attention from the Korean music industry and Seoul indie rock scene due to their thirst for live performance. They are currently finishing their debut album. Following its release, the band plans to relocate to Vancouver, Canada later in the year. The 'wNs' sound is of its own breed: dance, rock, electro and punk. 'wNs' will move you, whether you like it or not.

SOLITAIRE LOVE AFFAIR - the torrid love child of the ex-bands Saint John the Gambler and The Bellows, reinforced from the world beyond Seoul, fueled by one man's forgotten love for a Bond girl of yesteryear and held together with booze and cigarettes. Locked, loaded, and ready to rock.

“Sounds like trucks falling into a canyon filled with Christmas hams, fine china, and cutlery - if Tarantino directed Bladerunner, Solitaire Love Affair would be the soundtrack.”

ROAD POP - Though working separately on music projects from places as far-flung as Canada, Taiwan, Australia, and South Korea, these two long-time friends and writing partners have always managed to find time to write and perform together. Melding influences from the blues-rock of the 60s, hard rock of the 70s, retro sounds of the 80s, and alt-rock of the 90s, a set of their originals is truly eclectic.

Making Seoul their base for now, they will be entering the studio soon, and look forward to hitting a stage near you.
For those of you overseas, an account will be set up in Canada so you can donate. Please tune into the broadcast on indielove (broadcast time TBA).

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  1. Hey... is it impossible to paste a link into the comments? I guess that's an anti-spam measure but it does make it a bit harder to provide you with this info. 10 Magazine has just added a post with a list of fundraisers dedicated to providing aid to the ongoing relief work in Haiti. You can find it at www.10magazine.asia/2388/helping-haiti-from-south-korea
    -David from 10 Magazine