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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Program REACH, Suwon, wants You to Help Out

I got a letter from a fella who's organizing a volunteering program for expats in Suwon.

Program REACH meets in Suwon to volunteer at an orphanage there.

and here's an explanation of the program's goals:
This program aims not only to teach conversational English but also to teach mentoring to the students. This program motivates and urges the high school students to assist the lower elementary students in academics. The program creates a sense of responsibility and community work among the high school students.

This program is all about giving something back to the community. We, the expatriates, are the part of Korean community and we want to help the community in every feasible way. The high school students are the part of Korean community and they will help the community by assisting the elementary school students. The cycle goes on. Expatriates, elementary school students, middle school students and high school students, all are involved in this program.

If you live in, or anywhere near Suwon, I strongly encourage you to get involved; you can contact Mr. Joshi at programmereach@gmail.com so... go do that.

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