2S2 is a regular meet-up where expats, and anyone, can get together, build and strengthen connections, learn about Korea and integrate in Korean society. We hope that 2S2 will help expats in Korea participate more meaningfully in the country we share with Korean natives, and that we can have a better experience of Korea by doing so.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wonju Works It

The first meeting for 2S2Wonju was a hit! It was fun, it was adventurous (pushing yourself across hard and frozen surfaces with small monsters called children speeding past you definitely counts as adventure), and it was delicious. We met at a coffee shop, went ice skating, and then warmed up at another coffee shop. I met wonderful people and had thoughtful conversations. There was also a lot of laughing. An extra thanks to Darren, who suggested we follow Rob's lead in the first place. If you want all the lovely details, you can read about our first gathering over at Wonju Wife. If you're in the neighborhood, or heck, if you feel like a day trip to Wonju, come on down and get in on the fun! There really are lovely people everywhere waiting to be wrangled into 2S2. So get busy and get wrangling!

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  1. That looks awesome. Too bad I can only be in one place at a time.